Safety Instructions

Chewing releases endorphins and makes dogs happy! Monchball makes it safer for your dog to chew bully sticks, Himalayan cheese sticks, collagen sticks, shark skin, ears and other long lasting dry chew treats. The last part of the treat stays locked inside so your dog can’t swallow it and choke or suffer intestinal blockage. It also makes a great handle to take the last part away once your dog has finished chewing. Otherwise trying to take the last part of a treat from your dog could get you nipped or result in your dog swallowing and choking on it to stop you taking it. Your Monchball will not completely remove the risks associated with long lasting chew treats but it makes them much safer if used correctly.

  1. Open the Monball by pressing the white button on the back and pulling the two halves apart. You might need to untie the rope loop if it is still tied tightly against the Monchball.

  2. Place a drilled treat on the 6mm treat post.

  3. Push the two halves of the Monchball closed until it clicks shut. You can also press the button on the back if necessary to help it close.

  4. Verify that the push button on the back is flush with the surface of the Monchball. If you are not sure, give it a few presses to make sure it springs back with some force.

  5. Tie the rope loop tight against the body of the Monchball. It is a backup to help avoid it coming open while your dog is chewing.

  6. You can also loop the rope around a table or chair leg etc so your dog cannot run off with it while you are at the pub or cafe! Just beware that even little dogs can drag a heavy table around!

  7. Supervise your dog while it has a Monchball. Some dogs need more supervision than others but we have found that only giving your dog a Monchball when it has a treat in it and taking it away when the treat is finished will make the Monchball last the longest. Every dog is different and you will need to work out how much or how little supervision you are comfortable with.

  8. We do not not recommend you put wet food in a Monchball because it is 3D printed and the plastic is not completely sealed like an injection molded part.

  9. Monchballs should not go in the dishwasher or be submerged in water because they are hollow and are not water tight. If it gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth, baby wipe or sanitizing wipe.

  10. Check the 6mm treat post before each use. If it has any damage, you should replace the treat post before the Monchball is safe to use again. We sell spare parts for each Monchbal component. Your Monchball comes with a 3D printed wrench for opening the screws that hold it together. View our instructional video for Monchball assembly.

  11. Monchballs are quite robust but they are not indestructible. We provide a three (3) month replacement warranty that covers use while loaded correctly with a dried treat. Monchballs are not chew toys, they are treat holders. If you let your dog gnaw on a Monchball as a chew toy without a treat loaded or once the treat is eaten except for the last part, it will eventually break.


We sell 10cm (4 inch) and 15cm (6 inch) diameter Monchballs.

Monchball is designed to be bite resistant by being large enough that your dog’s teeth will just slip on the surface, rather than sink in.

The 10cm (4 inch) diameter Monchball is best for french bulldogs, pugs, frugs, most cavoodles and smaller dogs. The 15cm (6 inch) diameter Monchball is for medium to large size dogs! If you are not sure, please email us a photo of your dog and let us know their breed and age, so we can make a sizing recommendation.

The 15cm (6 inch) diameter Monchball is designed for medium and large dogs. Unless your dog can fit a 15cm diameter ball in their mouth, the 15cm version will work.

The spherical shape is bite resistant. The Monchball has been designed to be very difficult for a dog to chew on an edge, while still making the opening that holds treats capable of fitting a wide variety of long lasting chews!

How To

Your Monchball was originally designed to help Peanut (a greedy little Frenchie) not choke on bully sticks. However, the patent pending Monchball also works great for other dried chew treats such Himalayan cheese sticks, pig and lamb ears, shark skin and other strong long lasting chews. We do not recommend you put wet food in your Monchball. It is 3D printed and the surface is not water tight.

If you would like to drill a hole in dry long lasting chew treats yourself, you will need to use a 6.5mm to 7mm (0.255 - ¼ inch) drill bit (the treat post in the Monchball is 6mm (0.236 inches) in diameter). Just make sure the treat is strong enough that your dog can’t pull it out.

Every dog is different and once you have worked out how your dog will behave with a Monchball you can decide how closely you need to supervise your dog. Monchballs have been extensively tested on two power chewing Frenchies (Peanut and Panda) and a very large Whippet (Freddie). None of these dogs have ever damaged or broken a Monchball but they tend to have little interest in it if there is no treat inside.

You can take your Monchball out to dog friendly cafes and pubs and secure it to a table or chair leg to keep your dog monching while you are having your flat white and smashed avo or a pint!

Please refer to our instructional video for treat post replacement.

In the event that you require replacement parts, please email us at and we will respond promptly.

If you have purchased spare parts for a component of your Monchball, please refer to our instructional video for assembly.

Monchballs are made from non-toxic 3D printed copolyester filament (PCTG, CPE or PETG).

Monchballs cannot handle the heat of a dishwasher. They should not be submerged in water because they are hollow and 3D printed objects are not water tight. To clean wipe with a damp cloth, baby wipe or disinfectant wipe.

Shipping and Returns

Monchball currently ships to Australia, USA and Canada.

We can only ship bully sticks to Australia, USA and Canada, but you can drill your own treats with a 6.5mm to 7mm drill bit.

If you live somewhere else please send us an email at so we can work out how to ship to you.

Up to 3 business days for your Monchball to be 3D printed, plus standard or express post or courier delivery.

We have tested our product on a range of different dog breeds. Our Monchball has stood up to rough play and use with many different types of dried chew treats.

We offer a three (3) month replacement guarantee if the ball has a manufacturing defect. However, Monchballs are not exchangeable, so please choose your colour carefully. Please also note the diameter of Monchball that will best suit your dog. If you are not sure which size (10cm (4 inch) or 15cm (6 inch)) is appropriate for your dog, please email us a picture of your dog (with age and breed) prior to purchasing so we can ensure you select the right size.

Replacements are not offered if you select a Monchball that is too small and fits inside your dog’s mouth (your Monchball should be too big to be chewed on or picked up in your dog's mouth).

​In the unlikely event that you have a problem, please email us photos at and we will respond promptly.

Store Policy

We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal and Afterpay.

Monchball has a patent pending and registered AU Design. Original artwork is copyright.

Many long lasting chew treats are great for your dogs health, happiness, clean their teeth and keep them occupied. Unfortunately these types of treats commonly pose a choking or intestinal blockage hazard because your dog may swallow too much at once. It can also be difficult to take the treat away before it gets small enough to swallow and choke.

Monchball makes it safer for your dog to chew on hard treats, such as bully sticks, Himalayan cheese chews, collagen sticks, ears and shark skin. It is also easy to take the Monchball away from your dog once the treat is finished.

It is best not to let your dog keep chewing on the Monchball to try and get the last bit of the treat. We recommend only letting your dog have the Monchball when it is loaded with a treat. It is bite resistant because of its shape, but not indestructible.

Small and some medium size dogs can use the 10cm (4 inch) model, but some medium and large dogs will need the 15cm (6 inch) model. Make sure the model you use is too large for your dog to bite without their teeth slipping. Otherwise they may chew up the Monchball.

Make sure the Monchball is securely closed before giving it to your dog. The rope should be tied securely when it is not being used to anchor your Monchball to a table/chair/etc. Replace the 6mm treat post that secures the chew treat if it has any signs of damage.

Please refer to the Safety Instructions for additional information.

Please contact us with any customer care issues at

We are here to help and will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.