What are Bully Sticks? What is a Monchball?

A bully stick is a single ingredient, high protein, easily digestible chew treat. Bully sticks are made from beef muscle and will not splinter into sharp pieces when chewed. Bully sticks are free from artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives. They are also a good source of amino acids to support your dog's brain, body & coat.

Bully sticks come in all different shapes and sizes so are suitable for all different kinds of "chewers" - from mild to more aggressive.

Chewing releases endorphins and helps clean your dogs teeth. As your dog chews, plaque and buildup are scraped away.

Dogs also chew to relieve boredom, loneliness, stress, frustration and anxiety. Chewing has a calming impact and chewing on a tasty, healthy treat is preferable to chewing on furniture!

The downside of any treat which softens over time when mixed with saliva though, is that as the treat becomes soft, it becomes more likely that your dog will attempt to swallow it. Especially if the treat fits inside your dogs mouth.

Because of this issue, many pet parents do not feed their dogs bully sticks as there is a high choking risk for some breeds of food motivated dogs. Bully sticks also pose a risk of intestinal blockage if too large of a piece is swallowed and is not digested properly.

What is the alternative? You would be familiar with the vast array of "treat" packets available at pet stores. These products are generally soft, easily chewable, bite sized portions which come in a variety of processed & artificially flavoured shapes.

They are easy to eat, pose no risk of choking and keep your pet occupied for one gulp at a time! No chewing required.

Whilst these small, bite sized treats have their place in dog training, we were after a solution on how to keep our dog chewing on something natural (not plastic either), that was not a cow hoof, antler or goats horn (each having issues with teeth chipping or the item splintering over time).

Enter the Monchball! A Monchball is a 3D printed, bite resistant, dried treat holder which locks the end of a dried treat inside, assisting in prevention of access to the last piece which is generally a choking hazard (Or definitely, depending on what sort of dog you have!).

A Monchball makes bully sticks an option again. A healthy option :)